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Custom Orthotics Order

  • 15 minutes
  • 400 Canadian dollars
  • See available locations

Service Description

Coupled with Metascan's technology and a clinical examination, your chiropractor will then make a diagnosis based on your needs and will order your custom made Footmaxx orthotics. The Voyager is Footmaxx's cutting-edge orthotic featuring the SmartTech top cover, which features innovative water resistance, odor control, moisture control, and enhanced breathable technologies. The carbon fibre heel cup is stronger than steel for ultra durability, over 25% lighter to increase performance, and it's low profile fits into almost any shoe. Other orthotic types are available for more specific foot conditions. The cost of orthotics ranges from $400-500 a pair, depending on the materials used. We recognize most people wear more than one pair of shoes. In this case, it is wise to purchase a second pair of orthotics for your convenience. We will offer your second pair of orthotics at HALF PRICE when an order of 2 pairs of orthotics are purchased together. Be sure to call your insurance provider ahead of time to know what your annual orthotic coverage rates are, as these rates may frequently change. Once we receive your custom orthotic order, Dr. Jenna will provide you with proper instructions on how to use and care for your orthotics.

Contact Details

Please see "Contact" tab for location information Hamilton, ON, Canada

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